Vinyl Mystery Box - Subscription

Vinylly Cute would like to introduce you to our favorite craft mystery box: 


Our Monthly SURPRISE VINYL SUBSCRIPTION BOX!!  ~ Perfect for that crafter that loves a good surprise!!! ~ First 15 to purchase each month get a ~BONUS~ gift in box!


Our vinyl subscription box is jam packed with so many amazing goodies to help you make ALL the pretty things.  The exact pattern/design contents of our boxes are a "SURPRISE" each month, but you will ALWAYS receive the following items in EVERY BOX:


2 -  12" x 12" PATTERN HTV SHEETS (printed on SISER HTV)

1 - 12" x 10" HTV Transfer Mask Sheet 


1 - 12" X 8" ADHESIVE DECAL VINYL transfer sheet 

1 - 10" Adult Size HTV TRANSFER 

1 - 8.5" Youth Size HTV TRANSFER

2- 3.5" Pocket Size HTV TRANSFERS

2 - 4" Printed VINYL DECALS

2 - SVG files (to use with you new vinyls)


Retail Value over $65


The "EXAMPLE SUBSCRIPTION BOX" contents in the photo are NOT the pattern and design contents you will receive with your box!!!  The picture is for example purposes ONLY to show you how the boxes are packed.  EVERY MONTH, the subscription box will have NEW pattern and design contents.  YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE EXACT ITEMS PICTURED!!  


YOU WILL RECEIVE the quantity and types of items, but the PATTERNS & DESIGNS will be different!!!


Please note that all sizes are approximate.



Our VINYL SUBSCRIPTION BOX will ship on the 1st - 5th of EACH MONTH!... ORDERS placed after the 5th will receive the NEXT month's box.


EXAMPLE ~~  if you wish to receive the box for MAY, YOU MUST ORDER BEFORE MAY 5th.  IF you order MAY 6th or after, you will receive JUNE's BOX that will not ship UNTIL JUNE 1st!!!


IF you have any questions about ship dates, PLEASE, PLEASE message me BEFORE you purchase.  



All of our Vinyls are Printed with an industry leading ECO SOLVENT ROLAND Printer that has an amazing, top of the line 1440dpi printing resolution.  This high resolution allows all of our prints to be vivid, sharp and very detailed.


Our "FOR SCALE" picture is the exact 12" x 12" print out of the sheet you will receive. The 12" x 18" print out will repeat the pattern at the 12" point.


[[  About our GLOSS DECAL VINYL  ]] - Used for Adhesive Sheets & Vinyl Decals


>We use Roland Brand Gloss Vinyl with Permanent Adhesive.  It is durable, water and fade resistant and made for a variety of smooth surface applications with long extended indoor or outdoor use.  It is perfect for decals!  Our gloss vinyl is 3 mil in thickness and can be used with any home craft cutter or commercial plotter.


[[  About our HTV - Heat Transfer Vinyl  ]] - Used for HTV Sheets & HTV Transfers


>We use industry leading Siser Vinyl.  Siser vinyl can be applied with heat press (PREFERED) or home iron.  It is the easiest weeding print and cut material available.  You simply cut face up {DO NOT MIRROR}, weed, mask, and press.  It weeds just like regular Siser Easyweed.  ~AND~  It applies at only 300 degrees which give you the ability to apply to specialty materials that require a lower application temperature.  


>Can be applied to any polyester, cotton, poly/cotton blend, or leather material.


> {AND THE BEST PART} ColorPrint Easy is CPSIA Certified so you can have peace of mind when decorating kids garments!


> 1 12" x 10" Mask (Transfer) Sheet Will Be Provided With Each HTV Order. ~ IF you need MORE masking sheets, they can be found here ..........




- Cut material face up {DO-NOT-MIRROR-IMAGE}

- Weed

- Mask (place transfer mask sheet on top of image & rub over with squeegee until smooth)

- Lift mask sheet and make sure all of transfer pulls up (if not, lay down & rub over some more)

- Pre-press garment/material you are going to be applying to for 3-5 secs to get moisture out.

- Place HTV on garment/material with a non-stick protection teflon or parchment paper

- Press for 15 secs at 300-305 degrees

- Peel mask/transfer sheet off while still warm



[{~ Machine cut settings for our VINYL ~}]

~Since all machines vary depending on brand and blade wear, it would be impossible to provide accurate settings for everyone.  We recommend you do a test cut.  We will supply a small sample piece of the vinyl type you purchased with each order for your test cut.  We recommend that you start off with your normal HTV and Decal Vinyl setting with the test cut.




**Please Note:  Any GLITTER effect on our printed vinyl and transfers will be PRINTED FAUX glitter.  There is no actual glitter in the vinyl.  




~~~~~~~    LOOK HERE  ~~~~~~


Please let me REPEAT:


**~~** This item WILL NOT SHIP 3-5 days after purchase like my other items.  It is a subscription box that ships ONCE monthly depending on the date your order is placed!!!!!   Please message me if you have ANY questions**~~**





Please be aware that we try to represent all colors accurately as possilbe.  Slight color variations may occur due to color settings on device screen or computer monitor.


No returns or exchanges are allowed for Vinyl.  HOWEVER, if we have made a mistake, we will make it right.



Vinylly Cute, it's owners, and /or employees are not liable for any personal or business damages or loss do to the use or inability to use ANY of our products.  Vinylly Cute reserves the right to cancel any sale.

Vinyl Mystery Box - Subscription

Subscription Length
  • **Please note that any glitter or metallic effect on our printed vinyl sheets or transfers is a fuax printed effect.  No actually glitter or metallic inks are used.

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